The dudes of Seipäännieleet


In his other life Zacu is a freelance dancer, acrobat and overall performer. On his own time he has hobbies such as tinkering, wondering, playing music and listening to radio. His favorite radio voices are Susanna Vainiola and Jake Nyman. Other musical acts Zacu is associated to are Zacu Saikkonen Jazz Qvintet, Aakao and Runotyttö ja Komiteanmietintö. Secretly Zacu might want to be a jazzpianist or a carpenter.

P. Yli-Lyönti

P. begun playing drums when they started a heavy metal band with his school mates. Nowadays Yli-Lyönti drives other people's bread around Southern Finland for a living. He thinks of The Most Peculiar Thing, in which he composes the music as well as plays the percussions, as his main musical project. You can hear P. also in the line up of Zacu Saikkonen Jazz Qvintet and the Keaton Three.

On the album also:

  • Marja Murunen, vocals
  • Jack Kill, vocals/backing vocals
  • Big Mick, vocals
  • Mikko Lauronen, recitation
  • Jay L.A., vocals/backing vocals
  • MaryJo Kiukaanniemi, vocals/backing vocals

Photo of Zacu ja P.
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