C-nauhat a new album form Zacu ja Seipäännielleet is out now!

Music can be listened to or downloaded on this page totally free of charge.

C-nauhat album cover
  1. Sörnäs
  2. Odotusta Taka-Töölössä
  3. Lara Croft (Has Nothin on Me)
  4. K.R.P.
  5. Tähtisilmä
  6. Moon of Grass / Pohjaan
  7. Kisses Like Punishment
  8. Tanssijan häävalssi
C-nauhat album backside cover

Download mp3s on your own device: zjs_c-nauhat.zip (33,7 MB)

Zacu ja Seipäänielleet : C-nauhat

  • music and lyrics by Zacu, arrangements by ZjS exept:
      (5) lyrics by Jenny Björn, arr. ZjS and Aakao;
      (8) lyrics by Zacu & Satu Niskanen, sov. Zacu & M.Kiukaanniemi
  • P. Yli-Lyönti, drums and backing vocals
  • Zacu, basses and backing vocals, mandolin (5)
  • Jack Kill, vocals (2) ja backing vocals (3)&(6)
  • MaryJo Kiukaanniemi, vocals (8) ja backing vocals (6)
  • Jay L.A., vocals (7) ja backing vocals (6)
  • Mikko Lauronen, recitation (6)
  • Big Mick, vocals (5)
  • Marja Murunen, vocals (3)
  • Recorded at the studio of 925-tuotanto in Linjat, Helsinki in May and October 2012
  • Recording and mixing: Sakari Saikkonen
  • Producing: ZjS & Sakari Saikkonen / 925-tuotanto

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